All Early American Art (ECV Type) Devotees are hereby united in fellowship and invited to "SIP" with their discriminating fellow ECV/Tennessee Squires.  They are also commended, wherever they may be for their considered prejudice in favor of limestone water and the leisurely, patient ways of "The Hollow".  May they always ride an easy-walking horse, sleep 'neath a rain-tight roof and eat high on the hog every Clamp Day of the year.

Are you a Tennessee Squire?  Email me your plot # and chapter.

Most Honorable ECV Squire Roll

Name Chapter Plot #
Ron Zaitz,  XPBC, XNGH, XSNGH Trinitarianus #62 3395t
Doug ""Pucky" Junghans, XPBC Joaquin Murrieta 13 6696K
Harrison Barton, XPBC, XSNGH  Squibob #1853  f46611
Dan "Sid's PBC" Stark, XPBC, XNGH Queho Posse Chapter #1919 8742u
Jim "Clamper Jim" Cirmer, XPBC, XNGH Branciforte 1797 a1661
John Loomis, XPBC, XNGH (Deceased) Monterey Viejo 1846 a4480
John Wright, XPBC, XNGH (Deceased) Monterey Viejo 1846 a6073
Dennis Whalen, XPBC  I Don't Know! e8872
Mike "Maggot" Ralles, XPBC (Deceased) Billy Holcomb 1069 f6482
Steve "Iggy" Myers, XPBC, XNGH Yerba Buena 1/ Estanislao 58 g33815
Lonnie "Shortround" Chase, XPBC Estanislao 58 g41686
Steve "the 4th" Wilson, XNGH Mt. Charlie 1850 g45161
Charles "Keyhole" Frazer, XPBC Grub Gulch 41-49 g64394
Gene " Dickhead" Duncker, XPBC, XNGH Peter Lebeck 1866 g64931
Donald DaRonco, XPBC Estanislao 58 g68232
Michael Gregonis, XPBC Mt. Charlie 1850 g68413
"Monterey" Jack Gibson, XPBC, XNGH Monterey Viejo #1846 g70437
George Peabody, XPBC, XNGH Monterey Viejo 1846 g77762
Tim "Huckleberry" Wilcox, XPBC Sam Greg George 1855 g83518
Wayne "Ramrod" Edgin, XPBC, XNGH Branciforte 1797 g86750
Jon "Feem Cock" Fimea, XPBC Billy Holcomb 1069 h13435
John "UNKLE" Kilat, XPBC Estanislao 58 h47050
Michael "Cocktail" McClain, XPBC Mt. Charlie 1850 1925J

Aaron "Cabinboy" Nelson, XPBC

Estanislao 58 h75834
Jim Waterman XPBC XNGH  XSNGH Estanislao 58 g55043
Charles "Animal" McIntyre XPBC, XNGH Estanislao 58 h66832
Ronnie Grider XPBC, XNGH Estanislao 58 h69290
Russ Potts XPBC, XNGH Estanislao 58 h57560
Fast Eddie Gibson XPBC Estanislao 58 h63186
Brian K. Mautino XPBC, XNGH Estanislao 58 h66987
Ynot Bratton XPBC Estanislao 58 h82055
Johnny Reeves XPBC Estanislao 58 h85721

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